Getting tested for COVID-19 shouldn’t be a hassle. If you have symptoms of COVID-19 or need a negative test for travel or employment, contact Colorado Alliance for Health Equity and Practice (CAHEP) in Denver and Aurora, Colorado. The practice makes getting testing and vaccinations straightforward and convenient. Call or use the online tool to make your COVID-19 testing appointment, but know that walk-ins are also welcome.

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When do I need COVID-19 testing?

It’s still important to get tested for COVID-19 if you’ve been exposed to someone with the virus. Make an appointment or walk in to get tested, regardless of whether you’ve been vaccinated.

If you demonstrate symptoms of COVID-19, you should also get a test. Symptoms are similar to those of the common cold, flu, allergies, and asthma. Sore throat, shortness of breath, nausea and vomiting, persistent cough, loss of taste and smell, and fever and chills are all common symptoms that deserve a COVID-19 test.

Don’t wait for your symptoms to worsen before getting a test. Early detection helps you get the treatment you need and prevents you from spreading the virus in the community.

How does COVID-19 testing work?

CAHEP offers polymerase chain reaction (PCR) testing, the most accurate way to detect COVID-19.

The PCR test uses a thermocycler machine to repeatedly heat and cool your sample. This concentrates the viral material and creates more than a billion exact copies of your original DNA sample.

Amplifying your sample makes the virus much easier to detect after adding special chemicals to the test tube. If the virus is present in the sample, one of the chemicals gives off a fluorescent light.

The advanced testing methods used in the PCR test are the gold standard for COVID-19 testing.

What is the process for COVID-19 testing?

Getting a COVID-19 test is very simple. When you show up for your appointment, your provider inserts a sterile swab into each nostril. They spin it around several times to collect the nasal fluids at the back of your nose. The test may tickle or feel slightly uncomfortable, but it’s not painful at all. The testing process takes just a few minutes.

As soon as CAHEP gets your results back, they notify you as to whether you’re positive. If you’re positive, they’ll let you know how to quarantine and avoid spreading the virus.

If you need a COVID-19 test, make an appointment at or head to Colorado Alliance for Health Equity and Practice. Call the practice or use the online scheduling tool.